Location:Chicago, IL

About Riddlealice: I love anime/manga, vocaloid, japan, pandas, reading, drawing, writing, and video games. My most favorite anime/manga is katekyo hitman reborn! (KHR) I have a huge Yandere complex. I love yandere's ^///^ YANDERE!!! >///< My friend tells me I act just like a Yandere. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Otome games. I'm such a sap for them. Right Now I'm in love with Diabolik Lovers -Haunted Dark Bridal- It's an otome game. >///< Diabolik Lovers is a series about ドS (ド = super, basically means super sadistic) vampires who are out for your blood. And like any ドS vampires they won't simply knock you out and suck your blood, instead they decided to 'torture' you first and suck your blood later. I've heard the drama CD's and they're so... *nosebleed* >////< I've realized two things when listening to these drama CD's 1. Weak spot is definitely my ears. (never again will I listen to drama CD's on my headphones. >////<) 2. I'm definitely a masochist >////< I love Diabolik Lovers! Sexy male characters, beautiful art, and a very unique plot.